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First of all Spore. I had been waiting for this game for more than a year and now I finally have it. There is so much to do in this game. It's blowing my mind. It's quite possible that you'll see less of me from now on. I will be uploading videos to Youtube. So, If you want see all the cool stuff that I make in the game, head on over to my Youtube page(it's the same screenname as here). If you don't know what Spore is head to If you've been looking for a game to keep you busy this is definitely one to try.

Next Sonic. It had been a while since I had Sonic. And before that 7 years back to the first time I had Sonic. It wasn't the food that impressed me it was a drink. It's called Ocean Water (more on that later). Well, about a year back we started getting commercials for Sonic but we had no Sonic. It's been about 3 weeks since it opened and I finally made it over there. I decided to see what their breakfast was like. A friend warned against it, think that the morning commuters would be stopping for breakfast that it would be busy, like it has been since it opened. But to my surprise there was no one there, instant service. The breakfast is pretty good. But I don't think breakfast and Ocean Water mix. Cause Ocean Water is a very unique taste. Imagine two of the best scents at a beach, fresh air and coconut suntan lotion. If could taste that. That's what an Ocean Water tastes like. I don't if I've peeked anybodies interest or disgusted you. But I think it's really good but not with breakfast foods. I'll leave that to OJ.
  • Listening to: Cold - Year of the Spider
  • Reading: Well of Darkness by Margaret W. and Tracy H.
  • Watching: My creature run all over the place
  • Playing: Spore
  • Eating: Whenever I remember to...
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew (in the collectors allumiun bottles)
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Submitted on
September 8, 2008