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Even tho I haven't been doing that much art I'm going to start an on going project.

I'm calling it the All Spark Project.  After seeing the Transformers Movie I'm inspired to make some of my favorite thing into Transformers.  I'll be doing it as 3D art.  But if anybody wants to take up this project with me, in a different medium, that would be cool.  

Like I said this is an on going project there is no deadline.  

The basic guidelines are:
1. Use some of your favorite stuff.  For example your car.
2. Most of the time cars are Autobots and military vehicle and everyday items are Decepticons.  There maybe some exceptions to this but I would a good reason for it.
3. Write a short background, bio, or personality for your transformer when you post it.
4. Send me the link to your finished work.  I would like to see what people come up with.  Unless of course I already watch you.  If I don't this might be a reason why I would.

I guess that's it.
"Autobots, let's roll out!"
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  • Reading: Well of Darkness by Margaret W. and Tracy H.
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  • Eating: My body from the inside-out
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew
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Submitted on
October 14, 2007